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I am a seeker.

I am a seeker. My terrain: asphalt, train tracks and city streets. I am an urban love warrior finding joy on the sidewalks...picking discarded love up off the floor of the subway. I am love. Sometimes it’s difficult because everything is so hard, twisted and hidden from plain view. Still I seek. Still I love. I get tired. I need rest. I crave the heat of the jungle and know there is healing when earth and mud is under my feet. But Mama Gaia is this place too. She has not forgotten me. She walks me home from my commute and I feel her reaching up from the beyond the cement. She is louder than the honking horns, angry voices and busyness that tries to claim this place. She whispers to me ‘my daughter remember where you are from. Remember that beyond this man made existence is your home, where the indigenous took care of the land, where your ancestors toiled and grew. It’s your turn. Claim this jungle, share your love and remember.” I am listening. I am singing. I am dancing on these concrete streets like they are soft grasses they once were. I am love.

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